October 15, 2021

Dear Potential Service Provider:

Digital Virtual Learning Group (DVLG) is seeking WAN services on behalf of its members located across Southeast Nebraska. You are invited to submit proposals for these services to be provided to all our member school districts in an effort to aggregate our purchasing power and share a number of educational services.

We will host an RFB Conference on November 18, 2021 at 10:00 AM CST to explain the RFB and answer questions. The conference will be held in a web-based format allowing interested service providers to attend from a location that is convenient to you and allow for as many individuals from your team to attend as you wish. Attendance at this meeting is not mandatory; however, DVLG recommends that interested providers attend to obtain a better understanding of the RFB requirements. Link to join the conference will be provided after registration (https://www.dvlg.org/WAN/Registration).

Submissions to this RFB should follow the Format of Response and Specific Formatting Instructions contained in Section 5 of this Document.

In order to properly disseminate information to all parties and maintain a fair and competitive process, all questions pertaining to this RFB shall be directed to https://www.dvlg.org/WAN/Questions only. No person(s) are authorized to respond to your questions outside this form.

All updates, corrections, amendments and addenda to this document will be available to the public and posted online at https://www.dvlg.org/WAN/RFB.

All responses to this RFB are due no later than 10:00 a.m. CST on December 16, 2021.

Thank you for your interest in this important project for our member K-12 schools in our region.


DVLG Consortium

The Digital Virtual Learning Group (DVLG) is a united collaboration of educational entities to ensure secure, efficient, and innovative technologies that enhance learning in the 21st century. This includes:

  • A high-quality Internet connection

  • Secure network infrastructure

  • Virtual classroom experiences

  • Collective buying power

  • E-rate services

  • Other equitable services as defined by the group

ESU 4 Member Districts

ESU 6 Member Districts

Auburn Public Schools

Falls City Public Schools

Humboldt-Table Rock-Steinauer Public Schools

Johnson-Brock Public School

Johnson County Central Public Schools

Lewiston Consolidated School

Nebraska City Public Schools

Palmyra District OR-1

Pawnee City Public Schools

Sterling Public School

Syracuse-Dunbar-Avoca Public Schools

Crete Public Schools

Dorchester Public Schools

Exeter-Milligan Public Schools

Fillmore Central Public Schools

Friend Public Schools

Heartland Community Schools

Malcolm Public Schools

McCool Junction Public Schools

Milford Public Schools

Seward Public Schools

Shickley Public Schools

Waverly Public Schools District 145

Wilber-Claytonia Public Schools

York Public Schools

Member Services

  • CIPA Filter - Firewall and content filter necessary to be CIPA Compliant. Licensing and backups.

  • 3000Mbps of Internet Bandwidth – Shared between all 27 entities in DVLG. Paid for by DVLG dues.

  • E-Rate - Contract with ESU5 to provide Erate services.

  • Authoritative DNS Servers – Manage records across six name servers that hold the DNS records (A, CNAME, PRT, MX,etc.) for school district domains.

  • Recursive DNS Servers – Two DNS caching servers for school districts use.

  • NTP Server – A network time server is maintained for services requiring a NTP server.

  • iPerf Server – A server used to measure network throughput.

  • Speedtest – Website available to end users to test network speeds from a browser

  • Fortinet Routers – ESU4 & 6 manage and maintain two Fortigate 3000D routers that route traffic for all 27 entities in DVLG.

  • Lifesize Manager – Allows central upgrades of all Lifesize video carts.

  • Lifesize ClearSea – Allows video conferencing from a desktop, phone, or tablet.

  • Lifesize Video Center – Video server used to upload, record, or live stream video from a ClearSea account or Lifesize cart.

  • Zoom Licensing – The consortium provides Zoom licensing to enable audio and video conferencing.

  • WAN Support – ESU4 & 6 assist with technical issues between UPN and the school districts to help resolve outages and troubleshoot WAN related issues.

  • Central Logging – Central repository of machine and systems log data to enable quicker resolution of technical issues.

  • Utilizing ESU6 10GB contract in order to eliminate Network Nebraska 3GB transport connection.

  • DMARC - Implementation and management of dmarc records for all members using dmarcian.com

Upcoming Meetings:

*All meetings are hosted at ESU 4 and ESU 6.